Recommended Materials

If you’re interested in learning more about how the world works, what the major problems are and how they might be solved, I’d like to recommend some of the materials which I have found useful.

Peak Prosperity – Crash Course

The Crash Course videos made by Chris Martenson were arguably my starting point. There’s an overview 3 E’s – economy, energy and environment – and an explanation of how they’re all interrelated. There is nothing more important that you could do with your time than gaining an understanding of how these pieces fit together!

Positive Money – Banking 101

Outstanding set of videos which summarise the monetary system. I recommend watching these after watching Chris Martenson’s videos on the Peak Prosperity site.

97% Owned

If you really enjoy learning about the monetary system, this film (more than 2 hours in length) covers a lot of ground, but you should know enough from having watched the Chris Martenson and Positive Money videos.

Bill Still’s Documentaries

The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz are essential viewing for understanding the history of monetary economics. It explains a great deal of the history that’s missing from the Crash Course on Peak Prosperity, as well as explaining why adopting the gold standard would be an enormous mistake.

Why Nations Fail

Buy this book! I use the framework of inclusive/extractive political/economic institutions extensively to explain why there are rich/poor areas and why inequality exists (and why the gap is widening). Before buying the book, I watched a few videos of James A. Robinson on You Tube where he explained the concepts and backed them up with some really interesting stories. Just search for his name.

David Brady video (Part 1 and Part 2)

Prof. David Brady of the Hoover Institution gives an excellent talk at the Grattan Institute on political polarisation in the U.S., explaining that it’s the politicians who are polarised, not the public.

The Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan

John Man’s book about leadership, in the context of an exciting period in history, is very enjoyable to read.

The ABC’s of Building A Business Team That Wins

It’s from reading this book that I learned the importance of articulating a set of values which may be used as a powerful tool which legislates for all behaviour.

Money 3.0 (slideshow)

A very long slide show on community currency, which is one alternative to the current monetary system. It’s also worth taking a look at Money 2.0 ( and the CCIA (, which is partly funded by the European Union.

Khan Academy – Macroeconomics

Simple videos, simple explanations. It covers concepts which weren’t necessarily explained in any of the materials above.

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